Podcast is back on SquareSpace

Due to technical difficulties and ease of use, (which I go over a bit on episode 34), I have moved the show back to my Squarespace site. Here is what you have to know

If this is your first time:

  • You can go straight to juliofromnewyorkshow.com and subscribe there
  • To subscribe, you can also click on the iTunes logo or the RSS feed (The feed itself hasn’t changed. All the work was done on the backend of things)

If you’re following me via:

  • WordPress follow link: Unclick that, go to juliofromnewyorkshow.com and subscribe there, or click on the RSS feed or iTunes link
  • iTunes link: Don’t have to do anything, it’s already been updated.
  • RSS feed link: Read above, already taken cared of.
  • Twitter: I will tweet new links as new episodes are posted.

That’s all for now 🙂


The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 33

Download link

Show Notes:

  • Never sitting in a subway car again
  • I will most likely get back to recording on Audacity
    • Too many upload workarounds
    • Will still try to make my own theme music with GarageBand
  • Listening to the Bitterest Pill by Dan Klass, Geologic podcast by George Hrab, and Hardcore History by George Carlin, getting some pointers
  • Need to carry notebook to jot down ideas.
  • Starting to feel my age around others (social networks, company events thing, music, etc)
  • Actually it’s me (don’t like the superficiality of the world: fashion, daytime talk shows,
  • Cutting down on streaming services (only watching Amazon and Crunchyroll now)
  • Had the most amazing combination of vegan dishes!

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 32

Download link

Show Notes:

  • Keeping AT2005 USB dynamic mic, by audio-technica
  • Got tips for better recording
  • Read an article on creating and maintaining friendships
  • Got the Xootr Cruz!
  • Bought a cheap Windows PC
  • Embracing prospect of getting iPad Pro
  • Going to play around with Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Mom cooked a vegan recipe!