The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 25

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Show Notes:

So much has happened since last recording:

  • Weather
  • Got an Apple TV
  • Trump everything
  • Moving back to NYC
  • Excelsior scholarship
  • Cancelling streaming services, need less distractions
  • Going to switch on an overnight shift, who knows?!
  • Youtube announced a streaming service ($35/month)
  • Using FireFox again, becoming more security-minded (have Chrome on standby)
  • Aerobed mattress died, switching to a Lessa mattress Casper mattress
  • Still not doing the vegan lifestyle yet, some things have come up
  • Have to think long and hard about my exit plan Plan B seems to be coming into fruition
  • Switching back to WordPress again LOL



The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 24

(Originally posted on 02/17/2017)

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Show Notes:

  • Back after long hiatus.
  • Switched to a foam windscreen for Yeti mic
  • Donald Trump is now President
  • Rewatched Farscape series
  • Daily Show now off of Hulu
  • Spent vacation time with family
  • Have a game plan for future
  • Realized I’m out of touch with technology news

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 23

(Originally posted on 07/11/2016)

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Show Notes:

  • Saw DeadPool movie and 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • Copa America and NBA Finals end results (at least Colombia swept the US)
  • Crazy stuff happening in the country
  • Pokemon Go pandemic
  • Thinking about blogging about all of this

The Julio From New York Show 2.0 Episode 21

(Originally posted on 05/30/2016)

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  • Health almost completely back
  • Got much needed haircut and shorts for the warm weather
  • Humidity is back to unbearable
  • Reading Koi To Uso manga
  • Fuuka
  • UQ Holder
  • Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

The Julio From New York Show 2.0: Episode 20

(Originally posted on 05/22/2016)

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Show Notes:

Spoilers Alert!!!


  • Been under the weather.
  • Saw season 2 of Grace and Frankie.
  • Saw Ex Machina.
  • Watching Love.
  • Season Finale of The Goldbergs.
  • Checking out Black Mirror finally.